The Wipe action allows you to wipe various parts of your device.

  • System data
    Wipe data from system apps.

    Enabling this option wipes all of /data that isn't covered by any of the options below.

  • 3rd party apps
    Wipe 3rd party apps and their data. Disabling this may keep your downloaded apps or data, or may prevent boot. Experimental!

    If you disable this option, folders belonging to 3rd party apps (apps that are not included in the firmware itself) will be skipped during wipe. Folder detection is not perfect, so some 3rd party apps may not survive the wipe even with this option disabled.

  • Dalvik cache
    Wipe all compiled/optimized Dalvik/ART data.

  • Internal storage
    Wipe internal storage (sd card).

    Wipes /data/media. This does not wipe adopted storage even when fully migrated.

  • Keep internal storage excludes
    Do not wipe files from internal storage that aren't backed up.

    Only relevant when Internal storage is selected to be wiped.

    Not all files (other backups, for example) from the internal storage are backed up. If this option is selected this same files aren't wiped either.

  • Cache partition
    Wipe cache partition.

  • Cache partition format
    Format cache partition (ext4).

    This recreates the ext4 filesystem on the cache partition. This option fixes the cache filesystem being the wrong size, which can sometimes be an issue when flashing OTAs.

  • Wipe systemless SuperSU
    Wipe systemless SuperSU image. Root will be lost if you are using systemless SuperSU.

  • Wipe boot image backups
    Wipe boot image backups created by the systemless SuperSU installer. These are required to properly unroot.

  • Wipe encryption keys
    Wipe encryption keys (used by file-based encryption). This will result in all data being lost (including internal storage).