Flash firmware package

The Flash firmware package action allows you to parse and flash firmware packages from various OEMs in many different formats. These are the firmware packages you would normally flash with fastboot, ODIN, or other OEM-specific flashing tools.


Firmware packages are generally archives of partitions, stored in various formats and with various compression algorithms applied. FlashFire supports dozens of these archive formats and compression algorithms, even nested inside eachother.

Partition matching

The app will attempt to match partition entries found in the firmware package with partitions it has detected to be present on the device. While this mapping is extensive, it is by no means perfect, and not all partitions may be detected or matched.

Individual partitions

It is also possible to flash individual files to individual partitions. To do this, make sure the file name matches the partition name as found in firmware packages. Often this is simply the name of the partition.

On slot-based devices, _a, _b and _other suffixes are support to force the selected slot for the partition.

For convenience, files that are named twrp-* or openrecovery-* are automatically mapped to the recovery partition.

Bootloader partitions

Flashing bootloader partitions is dangerous and disabled by default. Please see the Flash bootloaders setting for further details.

Device specific instructions

Please see the Devices page for further details.