Process Cache

The Process Cache action is automatically added when a firmware is flashed that includes a cache image, you do not need to add it manually.

Normally when a firmware is flashed, the device reboots into recovery and executes a number of commands. This action attempts to execute these commands without rebooting into recovery.

If you are running a stock recovery, disabling this action and setting the Reboot action to reboot into recovery instead is generally a more compatible option, though it is rarely needed and reduces your control over the performed operations.

  • Enable
    Check for recovery commands in the Cache partition, and execute them. Not as compatible as rebooting into the original stock recovery.

  • Allow Data wipe
    Allow the recovery command that wipes the Data and Cache partitions to be executed

  • Allow internal storage wipe
    Allow the Data wipe command to also wipe internal storage

  • Allow Cache wipe
    Allow the recovery command that wipes the Cache partition to be executed